My First Album – Permanent Circus – Released and Available Now (For FREE If You Want It)

If someone had told me three years ago that by now, I would have an album of my own material, independently released, I wouldn’t have believed them. But on Monday, after a pretty intense little period of organizing and promoting, I released my very first album, “Permanent Circus”. Because we recorded it at the Rud, it only made sense to do the release show there, and I’m happy to say, it went better than I ever could have hoped.

The whole group hadn’t played together since September, but because the guys (and Carly) are just so damn good, it didn’t even matter. We just talked through the charts really quickly and we were all good to go.

Just like last time, we streamed the whole event for the world to see, so thank you to all of you who still watched, even if you couldn’t make it out to the actual show.

And just in case you missed any of the promotional material for the album, I’m including it all right here!

Here is the promotional video for the Permanent Circus Release Party. It was all shot by Craig Tweddell, who then handed all the footage over to me and I put it all together.

Craig also shot some videos on the night of the recording and I released those in the lead up to the CD Release Party. They are the takes that actually made it onto the album, and they look great. I had a great response to the first one, “Elle In The Morning” which features Carly Johnson’s singing and Brandon Coleman on guitar.

This next one is the first track on the album and features just about everyone. Skip ahead to the 2:15 mark for the band introductions and general hilarity.

This next one, I haven’t actually promoted at all. This is the first time I’m posting it other than on my actual YouTube channel and I’m only making it public for this very post!

There is also one more video for the song “Molly Craig”, but that’s a private video and the only link available for it is in the 18-page liner note booklet that’s available for download with the digital version of Permanent Circus. (hint, hint…go download it now! You can get it for free!)

I promised everyone who came to the show a free copy of the album, but what I didn’t mention is that I’m making it available to everyone on a “Name Your Price” basis. The actual physical CDs sell for $10 a piece, but you can get the digital download (which includes a bonus track and an 18-page PDF liner notes booklet) for whatever you think it’s worth. Just go to this page, and under the “Digital Album” heading, click “Buy Now”. When it asks you to name your price, just enter zero. (You can also enter $100, $1000, or $10,000 if it’s really that special to you.)

If you do like to kick it old school, actual CDs are available on the same page for $10. The CD purchase includes the digital download, so you still get the bonus track and the liner note booklet and you have the added benefit of being able to listen to the music immediately. You can also choose the audio resolution for your download, as well as most formats, which is great for audiophiles. (not to be confused with audio files…)

Go to this link right now and download Permanent Circus for yourself.

The Permanent Circus Bandcamp Page

Right now, thanks to all of you who have already downloaded or bought it, Permanent Circus is #2 on the best-seller list in the ‘Jazz’ category. First of all, thanks so much to all of you! I hadn’t even considered the possibility of this happening! But since it has, why not try to go for #1?

That’s why I’m asking you to take advantage of the album for free! No catch, no nothing. Just great music made with great people and at absolutely no cost to you. Plus, how cool would it be one of the first to own a ‘best-selling’ album?

If you’d like to listen before you download it for free, you can do that on the Bandcamp page, but I’ve made it easy, and you can do it right here!

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