Become A Bassist!

Hey Friends!

Despite the lack of posting recently, I’ve been very busy!

aussiedoublebuggersDespite all my efforts of slowing down the time continuum, my American visa has inevitably run out, so it’s back to Australia for me. I was unbelievably sad to say goodbye to so many good friends, but I know I’ll see all of them soon enough!

Also, I wanted to tell you about something that I have been quietly working on for the past few months.

The idea actually came from a student of mine. I had put some ads up on Craigslist advertising for new students and the first one that responded to the ad was one of the most attentive students I think I’ve ever had. He took everything I said and tried it out – and that’s all I can ask really.

When we were getting close to my imminent departure, he said that he really enjoyed a lot of the things I was saying and pointed out to me that there was virtually nowhere you could go online to learn how to play upright bass. There were plenty of sites teaching electric bass players, but hardly any of them catered to double bass players.

During the whole time I was teaching him, I was studying learning and teaching psychology in an attempt to serve him, and the rest of my students in the best possible way. It must have worked because he has since sent me a few emails saying how he still hears the things I said and how he still uses them. Most importantly though, he says that he’s actually got results from the time we spent together.

ChristopherDB401SMLHe suggested I start teaching upright bass online through a YouTube channel. I thought it was a fantastic idea! What better way to serve an underserved group of people.

If you don’t live in a big city, it can often be incredibly difficult to find someone who plays upright bass, let alone teach it! And if there are upright bass teachers in the area, the cost of studying with them can sometimes make the whole experience too expensive. So starting Become A Bassist is my way of helping out bass players across the world who may not have the funds or the local expertise needed to learn how to play upright bass.

Here’s a small sample of one of the videos on the site.

There will be many more lessons in the future.

Although right now, my bass in en route from America to Australia, but as soon as it arrives, I’m planning on making many more videos!

Check out the site here

I have also made some instructional videos for electric bass, but for the moment, my main focus is teaching upright.

While you’re having a look at the site, feel free to sign up to the email list. As a thank you, you’ll get a 12-part series covering everything about intonation. It’s a pretty in-depth course. Every lesson comes with some practice tools – about 6 hours worth of drones and play-a-longs and instructions on how to use them. It’s my goal to help you solidify everything about your intonation.

Also, you’ll get all the new videos from the Become A Bassist studios when they come out!

Keep an eye out for more lessons in the future.

Until next time!



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