A Brand New Brandon Coleman Album (And How You Can Be A Part Of It…)

Brandon Freakin’ Coleman!

Brandon Coleman is amazing/a genius/phenomenal [INSERT YOUR FAVOURITE ADJECTIVE HERE!!!] ! I’ve said all these things before and I’ll say them a lot more to whoever will listen. In the interests of full disclosure, I should say that Brandon is a very close friend. Right now, we are actually roommates, and have been since December of last year, and it’s been a great time.

If you’ve been following the posts on this site, you’ve heard me sing Brandon’s praises before, about how ridiculously talented, creative, and prolific he is; all on top of being one of the most genuinely nice, warm, and friendly people on the planet. He played on my album, as well as recorded, produced, and created the artwork for it. Now he’s planning on recording one for himself, and I’m incredibly honoured that he has asked me to play on it.


This won’t be his first album, by any means (I believe it will be his fifth) but this will be the first one where he is taking himself and his band into an actual studio with an actual engineer to play all of his original music. Everything up until now, Brandon has done himself, with very little help from ‘professionals’, although if I was making a studio album, Brandon would be my first choice when it comes to recording and producing.

Of course, having everything done professionally costs a lot of money, and right now, all of the member of the Brandon Coleman Quartet are either university students or….me…. Regardless of what happens, the album, with a working title “Decisions”, is being made and produced, even if we fund the entire project ourselves. However, Brandon has come up with a great solution to ease the financial burden of this great project.

Crowdfunding is not new. Some of the first articles on this site were all about crowdfunding, but that was all in relation to external sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. What Brandon has chosen to do, is completely buck the trend of web-based crowdfunding and hold an actual event, that you can physically go to – in the REAL WORLD!!!

It just so happens, that the event coincides with UNESCO’s International Jazz Day. We only discovered this after the space was booked, but it makes for a great extra reason to come out and support live music, as well as the recorded music that will be made thanks to you.


Here are the details:

Who: The Brandon Coleman Quartet

What: Crowdfundraising Concert

When: International Jazz Day – Tuesday April 30th

Where: The Tim Faulkner Art Gallery – 943 Franklin Street, Louisville, KY

Why: Why Not??? 


Click here to go the Facebook event.

This totally flies in the face of almost all the Kickstarter projects that you see popping up these days. Instead of interacting with your computer screen to support the projects you love, you get to make a direct connection, as well as get a free concert with two groups playing! That’s pretty good value, right?

Of course, there will be the ‘regular’ perks for donating to the album, like advanced digital downloads of the album as well as donor’s names in the liner notes of the physical album, but Brandon is also planning a few extra surprises. (Seriously…I don’t even know what they are yet, and the curiosity is killing me!)

So if you’re in the Louisville area for International Jazz Day, come to the Tim Faulkner Gallery. We’ll be playing the album in it’s entirety as a ‘thank you’ in advance for any donor’s who love great music. Even if you just want to come and support the music, there’s no obligation to donate. We’d love just seeing your smiling face.

And just in case you’re not in the Louisville area, here’s a little preview of what you might see.



The fundraising concert was a blast! Brandon raised a lot more than he anticipated and everyone had a great night! Brandon had some super high quality video shot on the night and you can check it out here. Brandon has also set up a personalized donor’s page where you can contribute to the costs of recording, production and manufacture of the new CD. You can also check out the full list of donor perks right here!

BCQ Perks

 If you couldn’t make it to the fundraiser but still want to be a part of the album, click on the “Donate” button down below. The levels are all-inclusive; so if you donate at the $50 level, you get all the $50 perks as well as all the $1 and $30 perks.

P.S. The documentary is looking pretty sweet…Maybe we’ll have some sneek peaks in the future!

paypal donate button

I’m sure Brandon (as well as the quartet) would appreciate any support you could give him, so click on the “Donate” button and join the cause! No amount is too big or too small!



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