Become A Bassist!

Hey Friends! Despite the lack of posting recently, I’ve been very busy! Despite all my efforts of slowing down the time continuum, my American visa has inevitably run out, so it’s back to Australia for me. I was unbelievably sad to say goodbye to so many good friends, but I know I’ll see all of [...]

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A Brand New Brandon Coleman Album (And How You Can Be A Part Of It…)

Brandon Coleman is amazing/a genius/phenomenal [INSERT YOUR FAVOURITE ADJECTIVE HERE!!!] ! I’ve said all these things before and I’ll say them a lot more to whoever will listen. In the interests of full disclosure, I should say that Brandon is a very close friend. Right now, we are actually roommates, and have been since December [...]

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Get What You Want By Letting Everyone Win

It’s story time! The Back-Story… A couple of weeks ago, a good friend of mine, Shannon Vetter, asked if I would like to play a gig with a band from Nashville called Koriander and his own band Gideon’s Rifle. Check out Gideon’s Rifle, by the way. They are releasing their very first EP very soon. [...]

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Radio Interview With Diego Palma

This Sunday,  I was lucky enough to be featured on Crescent Hill Radio with fellow musician and radio host Diego Palma. I had spoken to Diego before through Facebook and email beforehand. We both knew of each other, but had never met in person before the interview. Diego is a man of many hats! First [...]

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My First Album – Permanent Circus – Released and Available Now (For FREE If You Want It)

If someone had told me three years ago that by now, I would have an album of my own material, independently released, I wouldn’t have believed them. But on Monday, after a pretty intense little period of organizing and promoting, I released my very first album, “Permanent Circus”. Because we recorded it at the Rud, [...]

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Live Album Update and Recording With Appalatin!

Hey Everyone! Exciting things are happening right now! I feel ridiculously fortunate to be involved in a bunch of great projects. I’m super psyched to let you all know that with the very welcome help of my dear friends Brandon Coleman, Diego Lyra and Lourenço Vasconcellos the mixing on the album was finished last Sunday [...]

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An Album Update and Meet The Band

I realized I hadn’t posted anything since the recording of the live album at the Rudyard Kipling a few weeks ago, so this is a bit of an update on what’s happening with all of that. I also wanted to talk a little bit about the other musicians that I somehow managed to convince to [...]

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“Great Success” or The End of Your Crowdfunding Campaign: The Musician’s Crowdfunding Manifesto – Part Nine

The Last Installment? The End of the Line We’ve reached the end of our music-making-crowdfunding journey. So you followed all the steps, you set your goal, you chose your target, you made your video, came up with amazing rewards, launched your campaign, pushed it hard with social media, updated your backers, and now, you have [...]

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